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5 Top Beauty Tips From a Beauty Business-Owner

5 Top Beauty Tips From a Beauty Business-Owner
27 Oct 2021

What tips can a beauty business owner share? We all know that beauty comes from within, and at Bourn Beautiful Naturals, we are all about helping you to embrace that inner beauty. After all, that’s how we came to be – we set about finding natural solutions to simplify our own beauty routines, and yours.

Now we have something for you whether you like to go all out, or keep things simple. But what tips have we picked up along the way? Kadian featured on the Brummie Mummie podcast and discussed them with host, Zoe! Tune in here, or read on to find out Kadian’s top beauty tips as a beauty business owner.

1. Start taking care of your skin sooner rather than later

It may seem redundant to start taking care of your skin while it’s still smooth and radiant. However, prevention is better than cure and your skin is no exception to the rule. Your products will change as you age and your skin changes, but if you hydrate and protect your skin well in your younger years, you will be thankful as you get older. Using a gentle cleanser like the So Sensitive Rose Facial Wash over a harsh drugstore alternative can make all the difference.

2. Don’t overdo it when it comes to your products

This applies to both skin and hair care – only use as much as you need. No more, and no less. When you keep your routines simple, they are easier to manage and you are therefore more likely to maintain them. You can have the best routines in the world with the finest product lineups, but they are only effective when you are consistent. Incorporating the Bentonite & Goat’s Milk Face Mask into your routine weekly is better than having a counter of products that are untouched throughout the month.

3. Include your hands in your beauty routine

Your hands are often one of the first parts of your body to start showing signs of ageing. So, it would probably come as a surprise to learn that they are also one of the areas that we neglect the most in our beauty routines. Do you consciously take good care of your hands? As a beauty business owner who is always mixing and making, Kadian suggests that we moisturise often to keep our hands happy. Every night before bed, she will moisturise with a little Oat Rich Lotion to ensure that her hands stay supple and soft.

4. If you have oily skin, oils may not be the enemy you think they are

It’s often the case that if you have oily skin, you think that oil is bad for you and avoid it in your skincare. While we understand the thinking behind this, it’s simply not the case. Despite producing a lot of oils, your skin can still be dehydrated. Incorporating a small amount of oil into your skincare routine can actually be balancing and as long as the oils you use are non-comedogenic, they can help to regulate the overproduction of oil in your skin.

5. Understand the role oil plays in hair care

While we’ve established that oils can help to regulate oily skin, the same can not be said for dry hair. Adding oil to your hair is not moisturising it. To adequately moisturise your hair, you need an element of water and an emollient. The idea is that oil locks in the moisture from a water-based source. For example, if you were to apply Hair Too Balm to lock in the water content from Leave Me Be Leave-in. Whichever combination you use, the water element will be the crucial first step.

And there we have it– 5 beauty tips from a beauty business owner. Were any of these tips new to you? Tune in the Kadian's episode of the Brummie Mummies podcast here, if you haven't already and be sure to leave your beauty tips in the comments too!