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BBN Tip #3: A conditioner will never do the job of a shampoo

5 Sep 2021

Some naturals like to use only conditioner to cleanse their tresses. ​Your hair may feel better when you “co-wash” (or conditioner wash), but there’s not actual cleansing going on. Why? The chemistry of shampoos and conditioners are complete opposites. Shampoo is negatively charged, meaning it designed to remove things from your hair (dirt, product build-up, environmental pollution). However, conditioner is positively charged, meaning it is designed to be adsorbing (vitamins, softening properties, anti-static, barrier repair). For those who use heavy butters, oils and other products that cause build-up or coat the cuticle in a protective barrier, an actual shampoo is necessary to clarify the hair. The key is to find a shampoo that uses lower concentrations of gentle surfactants, which won't dry our curls.