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COVID-19 and the Importance of Moisturising Your Hands

COVID-19 and the Importance of Moisturising Your Hands
17 Mar 2020


There‘s no question that social distancing, along with more frequent hand washing (for 20 seconds with soap!) are two of the easiest ways we can fend off infection from the Coronavirus (COVID-19). However, the increase in cleansing leaves our skin irritated, dry and cracked. That‘s the opposite of protection. Dermatologists have noted an increase in eczema on the hands, due to preventative washing against Coronavirus. This disruption is compounded by alcohol-based hand sanitisers. Less frequent washing is NOT an option. So what is going on and how can we fix the problem?



Why is this happening?

Board-certified dermatologist, Shari Marchbein, says "The excessive washing strips the skin of healthy fats and oils known as sebum, and that dehydrates the skin and causes eczema."The healthy fats and oils are contained in the lipid layer of our skin. This layer comprises the outermost layer, and binds skin cells together. Each time we wash out hands, it gets disturbed, and needs to be replenished to prevent further damage.


How can I fix this problem?


The good news is, this mild irritation and invisible cracks are easy to address. You can reduce the irritation two ways. The first is using sulfate-free cleansers. So long as your hands aren't covered in literal waxy grease, a sulfate-free cleanser will do the job. Secondly, the lipid layer is replaceable by applying a moisturiser (cream or lotion) that contains lipids (oils and butters) along with other calming and soothing ingredients (e.g. aloe Vera, chamomile extract, green tea extract, oat extract, etc.).


Of course here at BBN, we have formulated our vegan formulas of Body Velvet Supreme and Oat Rich Aloe Vera lotion to help nourish, hydrate and fight against Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) by shoring up the outer lipid layer.


To encourage you to moisturise after EVERY hand wash, we’ll be sending out a couple samples of either the Body Velvet Supreme or Oat Rich Aloe Vera Lotion with every order, until further notice. Even if you don’t use our moisturisers, please use what you have or get some soon.


Be Well and Stay Safe,