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COVID-Care Tips: November Edition

COVID-Care Tips: November Edition
4 Nov 2020


The UK is now experiencing a second peak of Coronavirus, along with most of Europe. With this resurgence, it is a good time to remind you of some highly effective ways of keeping COVID-19 at bay, and keep any related anxiety at bay. We understand it can be a scary time, so adopting some simple solutions can help us focused on hope instead of fear. Here are a few self-care tips that can support and manage your well-being in a pandemic:


Tip One: Staying active helps to keep your body healthy and your mind stimulated. Keeping your body healthy during this time is important to help the risk of chronic illnesses. Just 20-30 minutes of exercise a day (walking, or indoor workout) can help our bodies and minds stay in healthy. Here are few free exercise Apps and websites for working out indoors:


  • Daily Workouts Fitness (app)

  • 7-Minute Workout (app)

  • Home Workout-No Equipments (app)

  • Youtube—free workout videos

  • Pinterest—free pictoral workout guides


Tip Two: We know from experience how anxieties and depression can lead us to overindulging in carbohydrate-rich, sugary foods. But too much of these in our diets have an overall negative impact on our mental wellness, especially if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Eating well can make a difference in our energy levels and mental clarity. Consuming high protein foods can give you an energy boost, and keep you fuller longer. Additional benefits include lower blood pressure (so long as the protein isn’t fried!) and improved metabolic strength. Don’t shy away from healthy fats (coconut oil, avocados, nuts, oily fish) as a diet with healthy fats and lower sugar boosts energy and alertness.


Tip Three: It may seem cliché, but meditation is really helpful to keep us focused on what’s in front of us. Staying ‘alert’ about COVID-19 can add stress to our lives that we’re not always conscious of, but can feel in our bodies. Meditation does not have to mean an hour of absolute stillness. Taking even 5-10 minutes of quiet, focused breathing can help us re-set when we start to feel overwhelmed. If that’s too much to spare, try micro-meditation at different points during the day, which is just 2-3 minutes of stillness. You can practice this between Zoom meetings, or whilst washing the dishes. The Calm app and Shine app are two personal favourites.

Tip Four: Take a break from the news. We do this regularly. The news is design to dramatise almost everything happening in our world, sparking fear and anxiety. These stories can really take a toll on our minds. With an influx of Coronavirus updates and hysteria can make one stir crazy especially when self-isolating. We are not saying avoid the news all together however try and limit the intake


Lastly… choose soap over hand sanitiser when possible


untitled image

untitled image



Tip Four: As much as hand sanitizer is in everyone’s pockets and handbags, soap is still much more effective and gentler on your hands. Due to the alcohol in hand sanitizer’s it can strip away the natural oils leaving your skin drier than normally and causing tiny cracks and other damage in the long run. Soaps are scientifically far more effective at removing germs as washing your hands with water can destroy bacteria and viruses. We are not advising for you to stop using hand sanitizers however, choose soap if you are able to.