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Happy 2019: Looking Back and Looking Forward

1 Jan 2019

Everyone is sharing pearls of wisdom, or hopes for 2019. I have no grand epiphanies, but I do want to share the most important thing I learned in business and in life, in 2018. A challenging year that saw highs and lows taught me an old lesson:


Knowing who you are not is a vital part of understanding who you are.


It can get very tempting to make decisions based on perceived competition, especially due to social media. But this is a trap that takes us away from the best thing we have to offer: that which is uniquely ours. I'm re-committing myself to this in my brand and my life. I read a quote the other day, which noted that anxiety is often prompted by trying to project an image of ourselves to suit others. Worse, it can be distracting to your creativity and originality. Watching what others are doing, and basing your goals on catching up with them is an exhausting, bottomless pit of worry and is deeply rooted in a fear of not being enough. Everything is not for everyone, but that does not mean you are not enough. You are, and so am I.


"Be who you are. Be exactly who you are."--Aunty Verna

Top 5 Sellers of 2018:


We are so grateful that you've discovered our products and keep coming back for more. Many of you have been spreading the word, making new converts and tagging us to new opportunities. We love you for it! Thank you. Special shouts-out to bloggers in the UK, Sweden and USA, who reached out to review our products, and provided informative reviews, and to event organisers, natural hair stylists and well-connected folks who helped increase or brand awareness.


Thanks to customers new and 'old', our sales grew by 250% over our first year (2017).



Below are the products you purchased the most, in order from top to bottom.

Our lux curling custard, which promises to be no stickiness or flakes was a clear favourite at #1.


It was closely followed at #2 by the best leave-in conditioner. PeriodT. Leave Me Be Leave-In contains aloe vera juice, and is free from coconut oil, glycerine and silicone, yet still packs a moisturising punch. It's flexible enough to use as a foundation for styling products or use as a mid-week moisturiser.


Coming in at #3 is our So Fresh and So Clean soap--in a variety of seasonal favourites. You especially loved the lemongrass and oatmeal soap (back in stock soon, I promise!). Those of you with sensitive skin especially love these soaps.


The #4 most bought product was the indulgent Coconut Cream Deep Conditioner, made from a base of pure coconut milk, which is loaded with amino acids to soften and strengthen hair.


Last, but not least, at #5, you slathered yourself with our Body Butter Supreme! For limited time, this is also available in a spicy vanilla scent. It's also January's product of the month! So if you haven't had a chance to try it out, pick up a trial size...or go all in.



New Product Launching: a Gel!! Finally!

We began working on a natural gel back in 2017 and abandoned the formulation because who needed yet another gel? Apparently British curlies of all curl patterns do! There are very few natural gels on the market by Black-owned, British natural hair brands. One of my goals is to make sure my fellow curlies in Britain have the options they want. So, I went back to work on this gel. I can't tell you too much, but will say it is a thick formula (not a fan of runny, slimy gels) that is flaxseed-based, glycerine-free, oil-free, wheat/gluten/nut-free, and silicone-free. I want to make sure those with sensitivities and allergies can use this gel. We are close enough that I can say we will launch the gel in March, 2019. I came up with a name, but I'm not sold on it. I have a week or two to decide, so shoot me your name suggestions in a comment, or on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram (@bbnaturalsuk)!



New label design for 2019!

New year, new us!

Bourn Beautiful Naturals' New Look! Coming Soon.


We are rolling out our new labels, beginning with our full-size products. The roll-out will begin later this month, but may take until February until all the changes are made. A new look was a goal for 2019, but because of some opportunities, we pushed to get this done sooner. We're thrilled with the new design. We wanted a design that kept our signature yellow, whilst bringing in the magenta-purple we love. It is also now easier to distinguish between products.


Earlier, we mentioned how important it is to know who you are as a brand and an individual. We went back to the origin of our name for the graphic inspiration. Water is life, health and vitality. It is essential to healthy hair and skin, and to the products we make. The Bourn Brook is the namesake of Bournville, where the products are made. We are bo(u)rn beautiful and Bourn Beautiful Naturals' products helps you care for that innately beautiful hair texture and skin.


What do you think? of the new design?


Be Well,