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How to Achieve Better Twist-Outs and Braid-Outs in 4 Simple Steps

5 Sep 2018

You can achieve better twist-outs and braid-outs with just four simple steps. Whether you prefer to style with chunky twists or micro-braids, it need not be complicated, and it shouldn't have to take all day.


Both twist-outs and braid-outs thrive when your hair is adequately moisturised and detangled. These conditions lay the ideal foundation for defined, long-lasting curls that can withstand frizz between washes. So, let's breakdown how we can create these optimum conditions.


1. Detangle your hair thoroughly for smoother twist-outs and braid-outs


The success of your twist-outs and braid-outs are determined even before you start styling. The more thoroughly you detangle during the cleansing and conditioning stages of your wash day, the better. We don't want knots and tangles getting in the way of smooth, soft and bouncy curls.


To do this, make sure to gently tug your ends to release any shed hairs when conditioning. Then follow up with a water-based product such as our Leave Me Be Leave In – working from ends to roots to hydrate your curls and separate any knots or tangles.


2. Style your twist-outs and braid-outs in sections


Dividing your hair into sections helps you to stay organised when styling your hair and keeping your twists and braids uniform. It's the flyaways and strands borrowed between sections that create frizz when you unravel your style.


Use more sections for more definition in your final style, and fewer sections for more volume. These sections can also help you to distribute your styling products more evenly and efficiently. For example, our Curl, Please! Curling Custard, which is effective for all types of twist and braid styles.


3. Be patient when unraveling your twist-outs and braid-outs


This perhaps the most crucial step for the longevity of your twist and braid out styles. It's tempting to try to unravel your hair early just to see whether it's dry yet – we've all been there...


...but if you are styling damp hair, you want to be sure that it's completely dry before you unravel. Our Curl Crush Flaxseed & Marshmallow Gel is great at giving your styles extra hold but only when allow to dry fully.


Then when it's time to unravel, gently separate each twist or braid using Hair Too Balm for lubrication as you do!


4. Refine your twist-out and braid-out technique as you go


Our founder has been using this technique for years. It took a lot of trial and error before eventually lading on something that worked time and again. Watch Kadian style her signature twist out below and see these steps in action.