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Line Up and Price Changes for August onward

29 Jul 2020

We are a home-grown brand and make all our own products from scratch and with the best quality ingredients. We remain dedicated to bringing high quality hair care and skincare products at modest prices. Each year gets better for us, and we want to continue to reach more people across the country and the world with our products.


We envisioned 2020 to be a year of growth and capacity-building for Bourn Beautiful Naturals. To date, we have not had a major capital investment, and have been figuring out how we will make this venture sustainable whilst maintaining transparency. Since day one we've done our best to maintain our prices and have absorbed increases in the cost of production to build our customer base. As you may be aware, the Coronavirus pandemic has had significant economic impact, including on the global supply chain of ingredients and cost of transportation. In the last 6-8 weeks, we have seen significant price increases for most ingredients. One essential ingredient in particular skyrocketed to almost three times its previous cost! In order to keep producing quality products in a sustainable way, we have had to make some changes to prices and stock offerings.


Below, we have outlined the categories of changes we will make from 00.01 on 1st August 2020.These changes are for all partner platforms as well as sales from our web site.


Here's what you can look forward to from 1st August!


Introducing Pick N' Mix:

Whilst we will no longer sell individual trial size products (except soap samples), we will offer a Pick N' Mix option that allows you to get any 3 trial size products along with a free lip balm (vegan, petroleum free)!


Discontinued Products and Bundles:

The following products and bundles will no longer be available:

  • Lavender Refreshmint Toner

  • About Face Kit

  • Rose Water Trio

  • Self-Care Indulgence Kit


Products under review until December 2020:

  • So Sensitive Rose Water Trio

  • So Sensitive Rose Moisturiser


We know some of our customers with sensitive skin love these products and we may consider a subscription service so we can make sufficient to meet demand.


3 Hydraboost Fragrance Options:

In addition to offering fragrance-free, sulphate-free environmentally-friendly body wash, we will be limiting fragrance variants to the most popular:

  • vanilla bean,

  • lemongrass essential oil,

  • plum & citrus

You can always add your favourite fragrance oil or essential oil when you buy a fragrance-free version.


New and Changed** Bundles:

  • Braid & Loc Maintenance Trio: Loc-It-In Moisture Spray, Hair Too Balm, Curl Crush Flaxseed & Marshmallow Gel (for re-twisting or edges)

  • Vanilla Spice Trio: Vanilla Spice Spice Baby soap, Body Velvet Supreme, Cocoa Sugar Body Polish

  • **Head to Toe (formerly 'Boy Bundle'): Leave Me Be Leave-In conditioner, Loc-It-In Moisture Spray, choice of soap, Hair Too Balm, Oat Rich Lotion, Lips Too Balm

  • **Wash Day Essentials: will now include a bonus 100ml Curl Crush Gel for 5 items total

  • **BBN Hair Kit: This will now be a 7-set item: Moisture Silk Shampoo, Avocado Smoothie conditioner, Leave Me Be Leave-In conditioner, Coconut Cream Deep Conditioner, Knot-Free Detangler, Curl, Please! Curling Custard, and Hair Too Balm

Choice of Free Pocket Mirror on Bundles £25 or more for a limited period - first come first served We are reintroducing our popular pocket mirrors and you can choose one from three different original designs when you purchase a bundle worth £25 or more. If your choice is out of stock we will pick another design for you.


Thank you!