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Storing & Caring For Natural Products

Storing & Caring For Natural Products
8 Nov 2019

Natural products made from whole ingredients are grown more popular


More women (and men!) are becoming conscious of the beauty products they use on themselves and their families. This is great news, as we believe natural products are here to stay! There are a plethora of advantages of using authentic products, the list is endless. We're here to talk about how to take care of and store those products. Most natural products are recommended to use the products within 6 -12 months of purchase.

However, at times it can be challenging to know if these authentic goodies require special considerations. We have come up with some easy tips on how to preserve the integrity and longevity of natural, handmade products.


Tip One:

Store in cool area away from direct light. Using a fridge is not necessary, but avoid places like airing cupboards with a water heater because they can raise the temperature of the product.

Tip Two:

We only use paraben-free preservatives, some of which are classified as 'eco safe', made from organic material. This means that some products are sensitive to PH changes. Allowing additional water to settle into a product can raise the PH, thereby weakening the preservative efficacy. If water gets in the product whilst in the shower (e.g. deep conditioner), make sure to pour it out.


Tip Three:

Do not add additional material (food, herbs, powders, etc) directly to a jar or bottle of a natural product. Instead remove some of the product you want to use and combine with herbs and powders in a separate container for one -time use. Products are preserved to the maximum allowable by EU regulations (usually 1-1.1% of the total product weight). Adding more organic material compromises the preservation system, and decreases the shelf life of the product.




Right, we have given you all the fancy bits that you would probably read in a Science textbook! Here are benefits of having handmade products that use majority British sourced ingredients that are made in this country.


  1. Organic products can be much kinder to the skin and scalp! Handmade products have the benefit of using less complicated ingredients, and more 'whole', natural ingredients. You know what you are getting.

  2. More consumers are now reaching out for locally sourced handmade products due to concerns over transparency and authenticity. They are ethically harvested, well sourced and tend to have a lower carbon footprint.

  3. Nowadays sustainable beauty and well-being has moved into the mainstream, benefitting the well-being of more people as well as our earth.


Have any questions or additional tips? Shout them out in the comments!