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Sustainability: It's More than Ditching Plastic

Sustainability: It's More than Ditching Plastic
11 Feb 2020

Sustainability in the Beauty industry has become more widespread over the past couple of years and it is extremely vital and important for us as a vegan-friendly* brand to uphold ethos of using natural products/ ingredients produced largely from renewable raw materials. As individuals, we are becoming more aware and conscious of the impact of the amount of plastic that we are using, which, when not properly recycled, can have a negative effect on the planet. Big beauty brands such as Olay have already started to use reusable packaging in some of their lines.


Sustainability practices matters to us. As a small, independently owned, mid-priced brand, we have been taking steps to improve our sustainability and carbon footprint, with an aim to have fully sustainable packaging by 2022. Here's what we've been doing:


Recycling Reminders : Plastic does not have to pollute our oceans and land. It is unfortunate that individuals are not recycling enough because the plastic containers we use take low energy to recycle. So, if you are not currently being vigilantly recycling, please do. Every little bit helps!



Using Sustainable Ingredients: Sustainability is also about the ingredients we use. For example,in our handmade soaps, we do not use palm oil with questionable provenance. As you know Palm oil is nearly in everything we use from our everyday products to even the foods we eat. Palm oil is universal as it tends to give products a much longer shelf life hence why it is widely used. Palm oil in itself is not bad, but cultivation practises across the world have razed land and damaged the environment. To combat contributing to destruction, we source our palm oil from a single supplier who has obtained certification from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. It is an assurance to all our customers that the standard of Palm oil is sustainable.


Using Biodegradable Ingredients: Beyond palm oil, we try to use ingredients which don't build up deposits in the earth after using our products. This means using vegetable-derived raw ingredients with COSMOS certification. In short, this means using ingredients whose production practices respect environmental and human health.


Supplying Plastic-Free Retailers: Since 2019, we have been supplying zero-waste retailers with handmade soaps, conditioner bars, and 5 litre containers of our liquid products. This helps offset sales of individual plastic containers. When the containers are emptied they are mailed back (or picked up if local!), sanitized and refilled. Customers bring their own containers, fill, and pay by weight of the products. I also shop this way for some of my personal and household items. In this way, we are able to share our quality natural products without increasing use of plastic.


The aim is to create products and package them in an affordable and effective way and not damaging the earth, our goal is improving the environment and make a deliberate effort. Supplying two different plastic packaging which are low in carbon footprint goes a long way. Our journey towards sustainability has been a rather empowering one and we aim to end up with lightweight aluminium.