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Switching Up Your Skincare Routine this Winter? Here's What to Consider

Switching Up Your Skincare Routine this Winter? Here's What to Consider
5 Dec 2020


Winter can present a different set of challenges for our skin. As the season starts getting colder maybe its time to start thinking of a new skincare routine. Lower air humidity and plummeting temperatures can leave our skin feeling dehydrated and vulnerable. Even the central heating indoors can sap out every bit of moisture that is clinging on for dear life. It is important to protect, support and repair our skin with the changing season which is upon us. We're here to share tips on how to step up your Winter skincare routine by keeping your skin happily hydrated throughout this season...



Opting for a hydrating cleanser will make a world of a difference. Instead of harsh sulfates and astringent ingredients that can wreak havoc on skin’s protective barrier, try a gentler approach. Using a cleanser that will not strip or overly disturb the skin's moisture mantle will help prevent dehydration. The face off oil cleanser cleanses the skin and leaving it feeling cleansed and balanced. Or for those who like a more traditional cleanser, try the So Sensitive Rose Water Facewash, featuring soothing oat silk. Or, if you practice double cleansing, you can use Face-Off, followed by So Sensitive Facewash.




Exfoliation helps to both buff away dead skin cells we shed everyday, and prepare our skin for renewal (cell turnover, baby!). The process of exfoliation can help to buff away dead skin cells and allow softer and smoother new skin to shine. But be careful not to use exfoliants that are too harsh (like ground walnut, pumice, sugar). Or try a product featuring a chemical exfoliant. Exfoliating your skin once a week should do the trick.



Mask Up

Speaking of renewing the skin, wearing protective face masks have become an everyday reality this year. But for some of us, it's taking a toll on our skin. Keep wearing your masks, but treat yourself 1-2 times per week to a soothing and renewing face mask like our Bentonite Clay & Goat's Milk Mask. The lactic acid in goat's milk is a huge boon to skin's cell turn-over. Bentonite clay helps extracts what's laying just beneath the surface of our skin. You can even use it as a spot treatment to shorten the life-span of any blemishes that... pop up. Sorry!




Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!

Be it itchiness or flakiness, dry skin can manifest in several ways. Treating it starts with how you cleanse (using the So Sensitive Face wash is calming for the skin and promotes skin clarity without stripping natural oils). Equally important is the type of moisturiser you are using. Our skin requires a bit more lipid defense in colder weather. So, you may have to use something a bit richer. If you have oil skin, don't think this excludes you. We need it just as much as the dry skin folks out here. A good moisturiser protects the skin’s moisture balance, keep in us hydrated and happy. The balance is what keeps us from having dehydrated skin, or overproducing oil in response to having natural oils stripped away. And high key? A good moisturiser acts like a layer of warmth on the face, in these icy streets. which is great especially for this season. Rinsing it off in cold water can help you feeling moisturized sis!



Of course we recommend the So Sensitive Face Moisturiser to do the job, no matter your skin's type. It features non-comedogenic oils--like hempseed, so it doesn't contribute to break outs. It also features SPF 15 (don't skip this in winter!).


No matter what skincare products you use this winter, make sure to drink your water, and stay moisturised.