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The Benefits of Exfoliation

The Benefits of Exfoliation
1 Oct 2020


Now that Autumn is upon us, and we start to pile-on the layers, don't neglect to exfoliate your skin. Let's keep that same summertime energy! Your skin will remain in need all year round.


  1. Exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin and uncovers new skin, if done properly. It is a popular skincare step due to its many positive benefits. The regimen can leave your skin looking brighter and smoother. However, over-exfoliating can cause issues too when done excessively, which can then lead to skin irritation and inflammation. The best time to exfoliate is in the morning as it is a great time for getting rid of those dead skin cells since our skin repairs itself at night. You can use our Cocoa Sugar Polish , or make your own scrub, if you are feeling adventurous.

For instantly glowing skin here are some benefits of exfoliation:


  • Many women of colour encounter Hyperpigmentation, and additonally for pregnant women, Melasma. There are several over the counter products to tackle hyperpigmentation and unfortunately some individuals resort to skin lightening products which can cause more damage in the long run. Exfoliating can brighten and tone all skin conditions and its safe too!

  • Skin problems such as acne can be frustrating, exfoliating helps to unclog pores which leads to reducing acne. A gentle non-abrasive exfoliant is best for the face which will help to reduce skin texture

  • It can also help for your moisturizer to penetrate deeply into the skin, not bad right?

  • Great for stimulating collagen synthesis which enhances the skin’s texture and keeps it looking young. Also helping to promote skin’s firmness. Who does not want gorgeous soft skin? You can thank us later.



Three BBN skincare hacks that will help you with exfoliation and moisture balance

  1. Use the Cocoa Sugar Body Polish for hassle-free exfoliation in the shower. It easily washes down the drain and won't leave you with a messy tub. But better than that, it removes dead skin cells with the best vegan butters oils, organic cocoa and brown sugar. It will leave you smelling like spicy vanilla.

  2. If you struggle with acne on your back or chest, try using out Bentonite Clay & Goats Milk Mask to help purge and heal those areas.

  3. Try using our Oat Rich Lotion (for eczema) to help keep your skin's moisture barrier in tact.