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There's No Unicorn Product for Natural Hair: Focus on Routine

5 Sep 2018

4 Tips for Growing Healthy Hair:

1) Wash, condition, moisturise and seal regularly Those are the boring facts. There's no one miracle product or style that will deliver results. Retaining growth and keeping healthy hair is all about repetition of good habits. 

2) Forget hair vitamins, eat fewer processed foods What you put inside your body contributes to the quality of the strands growing out of your scalp. Those who suffer with illnesses that deplete their immune systems (anorexia, chemotherapy patients, etc), experience thinning hair, or hair loss because their bodies do not have the nutrients necessary to fuel hair growth. By making sure you take in more vegetable, fruits and nuts in your diet, you can ensure you have the proper vitamins you need. You don't have to take hair vitamins. They're just giving you processed versions of what you can get directly from healthy food. 

3) Minimize heat and over-styling Have you ever boiled something, or fried it in oil? Most of the nutrients are depleted from frood when you do that. It's similar with our hair. While the temperatures may not be as high, frequent use of heat can permanently straighten parts of the hair strand, or weaken the hair, leaving more susceptible to splits, holes or breakage in the hair. As for overstyling, try giving your hair a rest sometimes with styles that don't require you pulling and tugging every single day. 

4) Be patient and don't compare yourself This is the most underrated part of recovering healthy hair (because we are all born with it), or growing out our hair. A watched pot never boils, so let your hair just be. It takes 3-4 weeks to see true results from a diet, fitness routine. Try 3-4 months for seeing real changes in your hair, with consistent efforts. Consistency is the key. And remember, don't compare your hair care journey to that of someone else. Focus on you!

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