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Vegan vs Cruelty-Free: What's the Difference?

Vegan vs Cruelty-Free: What's the Difference?
3 Feb 2021


What is the difference between vegan beauty products and cruelty-free products? When it comes to our beauty purchases, as a society, we are becoming more conscious of the influence we have as beauty consumers. We are using it more and more to reduce the impact on the environment and on animals in the beauty routines we create.


As creators of beauty products, including haircare, skincare, and body products, we, at Bourn Beautiful Naturals are not an exception. We care about the products we share with the world and share with you. We recognise even so, in an effort to make choices for the greater good, it's easy for lines between two good options such as "vegan" and "cruelty-free" to get blurred.


So, let's clarify!


Vegan Beauty Products


If a product is vegan, this means that it does not contain any components that are derived from animals. This means that all ingredients used to formulate the product are of plant origin or are synthetic. So, you can rest assured that no animals were harmed to be able to formulate your beauty staple.


Cruelty-Free Products


If a product is cruelty-free, it means that in the phases between formulation and a product being deemed safe for us, the product was not tested on animals. It could have been tested among a focus group of willing human participants and would have also been safety tested in a laboratory, but it won't have been tested on animals.


So, how are they different?


Vegan products, despite being free from ingredients that come from animals, are sometimes tested on animals when formulas are being created. As a result, their formulas are animal-conscious, but cannot be considered to be cruelty-free.


The opposite can also be true to explain why cruelty-free products are not all vegan. This boils down to the fact that even if a product is not tested on animals, and is therefore cruelty-free, it does not necessarily exclude animal-derived components.


This doesn't have to mean that the beauty product contains actual animal products, but it could still include animal-derived components that are not deemed to be cruel to acquire. These include honey, or beeswax, for example.


So, a vegan product isn't necessarily a cruelty-free product and vise-vera.


We are proud to say at Bourn Beautiful Naturals that all of our products are 100% cruelty-free and are tested on real people with real needs – not animals! Our vegan products also far outweigh our non-vegan products (which contain ingredients like goat’s milk powder and hydrolysed silk) with at least 14 out of 17 products, or 82% of our range being completely plant-based.


See for yourself, you explore our vegan ranges: here.