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Why you should not be afraid of facial oils (yes, even we oily girls)

Why you should not be afraid of facial oils (yes, even we oily girls)
2 Sep 2020


Many Black women (and men) fall under the oily skin category because our skin tends to have more and larger sebaceous (oil ) glands than our counterparts. When skin is unbalanced, experiencing excessive hormonal fluctuations, or treated with harsh ingredients, the body over-produces oil. So, that means oily skin should stay away from oil, right? NOPE. Facial oils can actually help many skin types (including we oily girls) find balance.


Facials oils are a great addition to our skincare collection if done in moderation. They are also tailored to work with your natural oils to keep your skin balanced. We all know that dry skin types can benefit more from using facial oils. This is oils act as a great emollient by sealing and preventing any water loss. For years some Black women have been put off by facial oil believing it would make their skin look much more oily and give them the shiny look. Facial oils, whether used to dissolve makeup, breakdown sebum, or lock in moisture, can work wonders when used the right way and enhance a glow.


Here are a few reasons why facial oils aren't such a bad idea:

  • As facial oils act as an emollient they help strengthen the outer layer of your skin by softening and sealing it and preventing water loss

  • It can act as the perfect primer for makeup. Using facial oil works as a dream before you put on your make up as it gives you the dewy look and can even give you a glow! Keep in mind that you should be using a compatible oil-based foundation for best results

  • Repairing the skin barrier is another benefit. By locking in hydration, oils can help prevent issues such as bacteria and dreaded pollution from seeping into the skin. We love it already!

  • Oils such as hempseed, argan and jojoba can make a tremendous difference to our skincare regimen. The right oils can help with skin care issues such as eczema, mild acne, psoriasis and the list goes on

  • Those of us prone to breakouts should stick to using noncomedogenic oils such as hempseed, grapeseed, maracuja, or argan oils

  • Vitamin E oil is great for combating hyperpigmentation which many women of colour face. Helpful for lightening dark spots, scars and stretch marks

Remember, oils are not by any means a moisturizer they only seal in moisture


Two skincare hacks that we think you would love

1. Manually exfoliate with a flannel (washcloth) soaked in warm water (be gentle)

2. On the topic of oils, Maracuja (passion fruit) Oil is an oil full of fatty acids and is great for soothing dry and dehydrated skin. It is also featured in our Face Off Cleansing Oil Wash