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Your Skin Needs Protein, Too! Here's Why

Your Skin Needs Protein, Too! Here's Why
3 Mar 2020


Protein has many benefits that reach beyond our levels of fitness. It's more than protein shakes and diet supplements. Let's leave the 2020 fitness goals to the side, as every type of body needs protein. Many of you are aware of conversations about use of protein in the hair--when to use, how much to use, or what types! Well, protein is also essential to the strength, elasticity and protection of our skin and nails--just like our hair. Protein is an essential component of every cell in the body, giving them structure, repairing tissues, and transporting molecules from one location in the body to another.


To help cell turnover in our bodies, we need to take in minimally processed proteins through our diets (fish, meat, nuts, spelt, edamame, etc.). It is also important to choose what source of protein is best for you as an individual. Luckily, we live in a time where sources of protein other than animal protein are widely available. As we know becoming a vegan can benefit the skin as it encourages consumption of foods that are high in antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables. A diet high in these types of foods contributes to vitality and better cell turnover.

Protein is an important factor in building different components of the body such as muscles, skin and blood with the help of amino acids. Protein can promote glowing skin and slow the ageing process; it also helps to plump up healthy skin. It is also great for skin repair and plays an essential part in creating beauty from within and improving skin clarity. Protein with fewer sources of cholesterol and saturated fat are going to be better options, paired with leafy green vegetables and high fibre fruits. This will help you better achieve that glow from within. Trust us, you can use all the hyaluranic acid serums and vitamin c capsules in the world, but if your diet is lacking in whole foods, you will not get the full benefits. Beauty starts from within.


When it comes to cosmetics, proteins usually appear in their hydrolised form, which means they are transformed into a powder or liquid with a lower molecular weight. This enables them to be blended into products safely so that they can be preserved. Secondly, hydrolised proteins will also do their job more effectively because they can be absorbed better by the skin and hair. At BBN, we prefer to formulate with hydrolised oat protein, silk protein and pea protein for the skin, as they are wheat-free and gluten-free forms of protein. Oat protein is especially great at providing barrier protection for the skin, while helping it remain porous. You can find oat protein in products like Oat Rich Lotion, Leave Me Be Leave-In Conditioner, So Sensitive Rose Moisturiser and So Sensitive Face Wash. We will be transitioning from our use of silk protein to pea protein in hair products this year, so that we can become completely vegan in our hair line. Stay tuned.