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Our Oat Rich Lotion has been featured in the Mirror's article on beating...

26th Oct 2020


Janet Oganah: "Their Body Velvet Supreme cream (which was formulated for our...

21st Oct 2020


We are thrilled to have been included in the Strategist's List of 101 UK...

24th Jun 2020


We participated in a ‘Lockdown Hair Tutorial’ with our retail...

4th May 2020

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"Vegan ingredients have the benefit of being cruelty-free, and you...

25th Sep 2019


"I had to work on my own confidence first before I decided that I...

24th Sep 2019

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"Formulating products on paper is a bit like formulating an academic theory,...

19th Sep 2019


"The inspiration for the name, Bourn Beautiful Naturals, came from where I...

5th Sep 2018

We’re chuffed to have been included as one of Curlture's Black...

5th Sep 2018


"Bourn Beautiful Naturals, born out of love for self by entrepreneur, Kadian,...

5th Sep 2018


"When Kadian Pow was visiting London from the US in 2009 she was inspired to...

5th Sep 2018


Our Oat Rich Lotion has been featured in the Mirror's article on beating...

5th Sep 2018

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