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Bourn Beautiful Naturals LTD



Valley of Lilies and Lavender SFSC Vegan Soap





Made from a rich blend of luxurious butters and oils, and laced with a custom blended fragrance of Lilly of the valley, mandarin, rose, peach and topped off with dried lavender flowers. This fresh floral  bar is perfect for warmer weather or any time of year.  Creamy, sudsy, gentle on the skin, our hand crafted vegan soap bars are made from only the best vegetable oils, butters and fragrances, or essential oils to ensure your skin remains supple and not dry. In addition to moisturising butters and oils, this bar contains added coconut milk.


Ingredients: sodium cocoate (coconut oil), de-ionised water, sodium sunflowerate (sunflower oil), sodium olivate (olive oil), sodium ricinoleate(castor oil), sustainably-sourced sodium palmate (**RSPO certified**), sodium cocoa butterate (cocoa butter), glycerine, cocos nucifera (coconut) milk, sodium laurate (lauric acid), phthalate-free fragrance, sodium stearate (stearic acid), sodium lactate, sugar, dried lavendula augustifolia (lavender) flower buds


**We only use RSPO-certified palm oil, meaning it is sourced from producers who undergo strict verification to ensure their production methods are ethical.


*Please note soaps are weighed at the time of cutting. Soaps lose water and harden over time, making them last longer. Therefore the 'weight loss' actually means your soap will last longer. 

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