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Knot Free Detangling Moisturiser Spray




Your curls, kinks and coils need regular moisture, without it tangles can form. This moisturising detangling spray loosens knots and separates tangles leaving your hair feeling more manageable and supple. 

We infuse coconut oil into this light spray mist to create a slip that can help you refresh old styles and revitalise dry hair without excessive build-up. 

Our refill bottles come without a spray nozzle so that you can top up one of your own.

Apply to dry hair and gently detangle using fingers, or appropriate tool. May also be used to brush back hair into protective styles.

de-ionised water, polysorbate 80, cetrimonium chloride, glycerine, coconut oil, liquid silk, caprylic capric glycerides, allantoin, panthenol, fragrance, phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin, citric acid

Customer Reviews (7)


Gone are my days of tearing through knots. Light on strands and misting effect of the bottle is a great idea. Smells pleasant

Detangles like a dream. I found the scent too strong for me but not sure that would stop me purchasing it again because it really does make a mid week moisturising and refresh session much easier.

Love, love, love this product! I am a stylist and recommend to all of my clients. Smells gorgeous and more importantly, it works.

I'm really impressed with this spray which helps to comb through my hair with ease, and it smells very nice! This is the best detangling moisturiser I've every used.

This hair product is really good. A nice non oily, non greasy hair detangling spray which helps with my hair. And it smells lovely.

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