Head to Toe 6-piece Discovery Set (w/ branded toiletries bag)



Meet our Discovery Set! 'Head to Toe' is a 6-piece set representing some of our most essential, curelty-free vegan products with superpowers for your hair, body and face. Think of it as a way to sample across our three lines that cater for the whole person from 'head to toe'. 

Snap up this set as an introduction to BB Naturals, as an essential travel set, or as an excellent gift for a loved one--no matter their gender. Best of all, you get a durable, high-quality vegan leather bag you can use for whatever you like. 

What it contains:



 Loc-It-In Hydrating + Soothing Scalp Spray (100ml)

A finalist for the 2022 Health & Wellbeing Awards in the Haircare category, our Loc-It-In Daily Moisture Spray is a crown favorite. Your scalp is the source of your beloved locs and curls. Send your scalp some gratitude and use the Loc-It-In Moisture spray. This all-natural loc spray is non-greasy and hydrating. It is infused with lavender essential oil, giving it a natural, non-synthetic smell. We selected lavender oil because it is known to restore calm to irritated skin while bringing body and dimension back into dry hair. 

Leave Me Be Leave-in Conditoner with Maracuja Oil (100ml)

Free from tree nut oils, this formula locks moisture into freshly cleansed tresses. It smoothes your hair cuticle and acts as a protective foundation for styling products to follow. Its glycerin-free, protein-free, light-weight but moisturising formula is made with aloe vera juice, maracuja oil and strengthening hibiscus extract. 


Oat Rich Aloe Vera Sensitive Skin Lotion (100ml)

The Vanilla Spice version of Oat Rich Sensitive Skin Lotion was named 'Best Scented Body Lotion for Dry Skin' by The Strategist's  panel of dermatologists in 2021 and 2022! 

Our buzzworthy fragrance-free vegan lotion is wonderful for sensitive skin and dry skin, and is suitable even for babies. This lightweight, creamy lotion is ideal for those suffering from eczema, dry, and irritated skin or those who need a good aftersun product to lock in moisture. This vegan product is loaded with aloe vera juice, oat silk, fair trade raw cocoa, and shea butters. Get up to 24 hours of moisture protection to ease itchiness, irritation, and dryness with a non-greasy residue. This protective barrier for the skin leaves you glowing, radiant, and age-defying. 

So Sensitive Rose Water Face Wash (100ml)

Keep skin clean and fresh with this mild, rose-water infused, low foaming cleanser. Created for sensitive, problem skin, it is free of harsh sulphates, acids and fragrances. A touch of willow bark extract promotes clarity for your skin, without stripping it. Its gentleness protects your skin's moisture barrier, discouraging oil glands from overproduction. 


Hair Too Balm Vitamin-Rich Whipped Butter (50ml)

We were inspired to create a flexible styling product that is a petroleum-free and mineral oil-free alternative to a much loved classic. This creamy, light-weight, whipped hair butter is ultra-moisturising, making it ideal for maintaining a style throughout the day. Your hair will be shiny and touchable without feeling greasy. 


Lips Too Balm (15ml)

This lip balm is made to protect and soften the lips, not just coat it in wax. It is lightweight but has tremendous staying power on the lips. Perfect on its own to fight the chapping that comes with winter. 

  • BBN Custom Signature Travel Wash Bag (Vegan Leather)

  •  Retail Value: 48.60

    Here's a sample regimen with the 'Head to Toe' Discovery Set


    Loc-It-In to rehydrate your hair & scalp, or to moisturise your beard

    Leave Me Be Conditioner to style or refresh your hair, and seal in the moisture and shine with Hair Too Balm

    Gently cleanse your skin with fragrance-free oat and rose-water based So Sensitive Face Wash and follow up with Oat-Rich Sensitive Skin lotion.

    Don't forget to pucker that pout and apply Lips Too Balm, our petroleum & mineral oil-free lip balm. 




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