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Great product

At first my hair felt really dry using this (because of the all of other not so great products I used to use), but now it's been three times since I've used this (washing weekly) and now my hair actually feels soft during shampooing with this product. It's great, and I'm looking forward to seeing how much my hair improves with time now.

Amazing product

I’ve only used it three times but my hair is feeling softer already! When lathering I add water and it’s great that I don’t need to use a ridiculous large amount like I used to with other not so great products..
I follow up with the custard and gel and it is so great that my curl pattern stays. Definitely going to keep using this now :)

I miss the coconut oil

It's still a great moisturiser for protective styles as sprays are all I use when I get braids or mini twists. I'm a massive fan of lavender (eat it, drink it, products) but I did prefer it with the coconut oil as that was great for my scalp.
Great for the LOC method as well

Soothing scalp and detangling spray

I love using this spray in between wash and styling days, to detangle and soothe my scalp. As someone who suffers from dryness and itchiness, this provides me with some relief. Plus the smell is great!

Run, don't walk. No residue and a great (not harsh) hold

Not a fan of the type system, but for reference I have 4c hair, some 4b patterns. My hair laughs in the face of most gels, eco styler included. My hair thrives on products with mostly natural ingredients, and I personally will now only buy products made by people who look like me and hair like mine - tired of buying products that don't work.

This gel... it arrived the day I did a twist out (quick delivery) and a few sections weren't playing ball. I dampened my hair, added some BB gel + oil, retwisted and left it to air dry... boom. It held so well. I also scrunched the gel through the twist out - a little goes a long way.

Immediately told my friend to grab this for her daughters with much looser curls - can't see this BB gel not working for any type of curl.

What an amazing review! Thank you. We’re chuffed to know this worked so well for you, and thank you for recommending us.

My favorite hair product

I got this deep conditioner in a curl subscription box years ago and it has remained my go to deep conditioner. I've been using it sparingly because I couldn't find the product due to branding changes, but even just a little bit makes my hair soft, shiny, and it smells good!

Love the name! Glad you’ve been able to dinde the new look :). Thanks for taking the time to review.

Vanilla Spice, Spice Baby Body Care Pamper Set (w/ branded toiletries bag)
Love it

Such a great set. Smells beautiful and leaves skin looking and feeling lovely. Would definitely recommend!

Using on children’s hair

Great product I would highly recommend it’s soft gentle but also conditioning


What an amazing moisturiser! The smell is beautiful and last for hours after you put it on. The texture of the product is lovely and it really leaves my skin so soft and hydrated. My new favourite product!

Best bar soaps I've used

I've tried nearly all of your soap bars now but I think this is my favourite scent! The bars are all the perfect texture, soft and moisturising but not so soft that they fall apart in your soap dish, and the scent lasts right up until the end of the bar. I always look forward to using them.

Best Gel Ever!!!!!

Best natural gel I have ever used! Doesn’t leave the hair crispy or leave any white residue. I have been using this product since 2020 and have never looked back!

Worth every penny and it natural with clean products!!

Really lovely product!

I have fine 2c/3a hair. This product doesn't weight down my hair and is very moisturising. My partner noticed how good it smelled after I applied it for the first time. Its a great consistency and I use it for refreshing curls, or for moisturising my hair when stretched.

Great Moisturising Product

I like the moisturizer because it doesn't leave build up and so can be used daily. I am still not sure how long the moisturizing effect last on hair, but it works okay for a day. Furthermore, I gave it a 4 star because the fragrance is overpowering, especially when using it for little ones. It will be great if the fragrance can be toned down or make available a fragrance free option.

Household Staple

It just works for us and smells amazing too. Thanks for a great quality product!


Perfect lightweight but moisturizing leave-in that keeps my hair soft all day! Also makes brushing 20X easier. I use this with the marshmallow gel.

Hair Too balm

Great product for taming my thick unruly hair! And it smells great too. Doesn’t leave it feeling sticky or heavy.
Highly recommend!

Fantastic moisturiser

This is now the only thing I will use on my face since discovering it last year it has improved the appearance of my skin & keeps it looking really good

Oat Rich Aloe Silk Lotion

Love this moisturising lotion; started with the unfragranced as I have sensitive skin but have also tried the vanilla spice and it has been just as good and smells great too! Great moisturiser and good service too!

Keep it curl custard!

Love this product as it suits my hair type/texture. Really pleased with it. Well done BBN team :o)

Lips Too Balm
Jayrowlene Farrell
Lip balm

Its ok just don't put too much on your lips ,leaves a white stubble of the products on your lips .


I love Body Velvet. It's such a luxurious-feeling body cream, and the fruity scent lasts for ages.

Valley of Lilies & Lavender Vegan Soap
Justalina Soverall

Lovely soap. Smells absolutely gorgeous and lathers so well! Would definitely recommend and buy again.

Free Hair Samples* | October
Hilary Ball
My absolute go to product

I love this stuff. It's so easy to apply and my hair soaks it all up and looks super healthy. So glad I found this balm!

So nice

It smells so lovely I keep opening the jar to sniff it! It sinks really well into the skin and gives long term moisture

Love it

Smells good and gives a lasting moisture and glow . :)