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Good for dry skin

Thank you for the sample. Tried the oat rich lotion sample on my daughter's sore and dry skin and it worked well. I have given her a sample to use on her hands since they tend to dry out quickly with handwashing.

Lovely summery scent!

This is my 2nd favourite BB Naturals soap after Vanilla Spice Spice Baby. The aroma is beautifully fruity and fresh and the texture and lather are perfect. Also it lasts the longest out of the soaps in this range I have tried. Will definitely buy more of these!

Nice soap but not perfect

I love the scent of this soap and have purchased it twice (once at the Janet’s List pop up and once direct from BB Naturals) but the reason I can’t give it 5 stars is because the consistency isn’t as good as other soaps in BB Naturals range. Used frequently, I found it gets a bit soggy and it doesn’t last as long as the others. Also (and maybe this is just a thing with my skin and not with the soap) I found that this one dries out my hands a little bit. I would still buy it again but I prefer Vanilla Spice Spice Baby and Australian Plum which I have found to be perfect in every way! 🙂

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Jayrowlene Farrell

I like the body scrub and the goat milk face cream very nice. I wanted to try the body wash but was sold out next time will try the full sized products xx

My favourite soap!

I’m a returning customer as I love the BB Naturals soap range, and Vanilla Spice Spice Baby is my favourite scent. I also love the luxurious lather it makes and how fresh and clean it makes my skin feel. I can really feel the difference between using this soap with natural ingredients and other soaps that contain synthetic ingredients. I would recommend and gift these to others.

Love it!

I have never been able to get away without using loads of product - until now! This leave-in conditioner is so unbelievably moisturising and light. I couldn’t be without it now.
Please never ever stop making this!

My Go-To

I've been using this lotion religiously for over two years now and my problem areas have never looked (or felt!) better. A little goes a long way, so it lasts a long time. I'd be lost without it!

I love this stuff!

Smells gorgeous and makes my daughter's hair really soft and defines her curls perfectly without looking overly full of product. Been telling everyone about it.
Love the personalised nature of the service- with hand written note and also a really helpful and friendly email exchange I had about my order.

Wonderful products!

I first heard of Bourn Beautiful Naturals from the podcast The Black Guy Who Tips. The owner was a guest on their show. The interview was so good that I had to give the products a try. I love that body wash and my kids love the hair products. If you're not sure, try the sampler. You can't go wrong and you'll learn what full sized products to get in your next order (you WILL be back). And don't forget to get some of that lotion too, fellas. You don't want to be ashy out here in these streets!

Really nice

I’ve been using this for over a year now and it smells great as well as being amazing to use on my hair. I’ve had dreadlocks for around 10 years now and this is hands down best shampoo I’ve used. I’ve read some saying it’s watery but most likely because majority of shampoos are just overly thick.

Amazing stuff

The best shampoo for my low porosity waves,excellent alternative to co washing especially for sensitive scalps.This is the first shampoo to eliminate my frizz :)

Amazing for 4c hair

The best product for moisturising 4c hair. Smells having and leaves hair soft for days.

Pure luxury!

This cream is absolutely lush, it goes on so smooth & keeps my extremely dry sensitive skin moisturised. I have the milk & honey scent which smells gorgeous (maybe you'll consider bringing it back? hint hint) but I know whatever scent it is will smell just as good as I also have the oat lotion in vanilla spice & the lemongrass bodywash which I also love. One thing I also love about these products in general is the scent lingers for a while after, please don't change the formulas!

Avocado Heaven

Love this conditioner, it is my new favourite. Makes my curls look and feel luscious, and keeps them hydrated all day.

Body Velvet Supreme Moisturiser

I absolutely love this moisturiser, it feels luxurious and keeps your skin well moisturised for days. It's especially great in the winter months for protecting against dry skin. The scent stays on you for a long time and a little goes a long way. I've bought it multiple times in the Vanilla Spice scent, and more recently bought the Plum & Citrus, both are incredible!

Smells amazing and lasts a long time

Leaves your skin moisturised and smelling amazing. I've bought it multiple times and will continue to, it's my go-to soap bar!

Will purchase again!

I really enjoy this product. Use it to slick down hair when worn in a low bun


This summer I will be 2 years into my natural hair journey. I remember reading reviews about how great this product was but was still blown away. I loved the thick consistency so much and because I have low porosity hair, my hair tends to behave like it has never seen a drop of moisture after a couple hours with other products but not so with Curl Please. I was so impressed that I recently purchased another 3 large jars! Now, almost everyone in my family uses it including my 2 and 3 year old nieces as their Moms love the "children friendly" factor that keeps their hair moisturised a lot longer than other products. My hair loves this moisturiser!

Curl custard

Amazing product. Gives me beautiful long lasting twists

Amazing product!

The body velvet supreme moisturiser is just an amazing product! It’s just perfect for my skin and leaves it smooth and smelling wonderful. I love the milk and honey

Great scent

Oat milk lotion has a great scent and does what it says
In the bottle

Amazing product - Washday staple

I have been using this product for a couple of years now and it has consistently given the best results on wash day. It works so well on my children’s hair (each with a different texture), smells and feels amazing, providing excellent slip and the hair feels great afterwards and is soft and moisturised. Also love that is Natural and free of nasty chemicals. Would definitely recommend.

Curling custard

Such a great product ,

Great product

Smells great and feels great, would definitely recommend.

Excellent gel

I love this gel, it's like the homemade flaxseed gel I used to make but without the hassles and unlike other brands it's all good ingredients and zero nasty stuff. Not super strong hold but it's the only gel my hair don't react weird to. Highly recommended!