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Moisturising and leaves hair silky

Been using for a few weeks, good product, can detangle my hair with it, will be trying the conditioner!

Would love to see in UK shops

Very good shampoo

I had contact with the products (conditioner, leave in, shampoo and gel) with Lockenbox (Germany)
I must say that all is very good for my wavy hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Love the BB Naturals shampoo and conditioner combo. Works wonders for my curls.

saving my hairs life - literally

beautiful leave in conditioner that doesn't leave my hair to heavy yet stops it being frizzy. The best leave in conditioner I've found yet and I'm 47! Thank you for these gorgeous hair products!

The best curly hair product I've used and so handy to buy this size and decant into a jar I already have

The best curly hair product I've used and so handy to buy this size and decant into a jar I already have

Use This Everyday

This is the only moisture I wear everyday. It’s amazing on my skin and smells fantastic.

Best luxurious moisturizer

I use this for special occasions as it’s so luxurious and the best on the market.

Amazing hair oil

I love this hair oil and had kept the old one I purchased 3 years ago to remember the brand as it’s worked so well in my daughter’s hair and was recommended to me but the old sight i bought from always sold out so to come to you direct is awesome . Came so much quicker than expected and and to know to it’s from Birmingham I will have a subscription as I love what you’ve created and from my home town!!


I buy this for my daughter. She's tried many different products in the past but this is hands down, the best for her hair. It keeps her hair soft and healthy. She uses it in conjunction with the BB Naturals shampoo and conditioner.
Also have to say that this product smells gorgeous too.

The best moisturiser

This is the best moisturiser I've found for dry skin. 💜

Love this shampoo

Really beautiful shampoo. I have unpredictable wavy hair and sensitive skin and it helps a lot.

Hands down the best leave in conditioner

I ran out of my leave in and used a different one as a last minute solution. It didn't compare! Won't make that mistake again. My hair loves BBC naturals

Good customer service

I use this on my daughter's skin since she suffers with eczema and it works well to prevent flare ups. There was a recent issue with my order but customer service handled the communication and after care well. Thank you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I appreciate your review so much.

My hair drinks this stuff

I love the hair custard it moisturises my hair so quickly and locks it in. The body creme smells amazing I just wish it had a refill pack as well so I dont keep buying the plastic container

Very interesting about the body cream! I had not thought of that, but it’s not impossible.

Best thing, I’ve been using on my daughter since she was 8months


I always look forward to using it every morning because of the wonderful smell and how it feels on my hair

Absolute joy

Beautiful products, that's brought life back to my ageing, menopausal dry curly hair. So so happy, because not only do the products help my hair, the smell isn't overpowering, so I'm not surrounded by too strong a smell, like some other products on the market. They smell gorgeous, gently scented that wears really well and doesn't conflict with other smells. Can't say enough how much joy these products are bringing, and my teenage son even loves the whipped butter :)

Great shampoo

I love how clean & fresh my locs feel after a shampoo & condition with BBN. So glad my loctitian recommended them 🥰

Great product

I have been using the spray for a year now on my locs and I love it. I now share it with all my clients and they love it too

Full of moisture!

This body cream is absolutely fantastic! It's incredibly moisturizing, leaving my skin feeling soft and hydrated, and I can't recommend it enough.

My favourite lotion! 😍

I am a repeat customer as I love this lotion! The vanilla spice fragrance is wonderful (and I have had compliments from people on the scent!) and the lotion is perfect for sensitive skin. I can even apply it to my freshly shaved legs and bikini line with no irritation whatsoever!! I highly recommend this product.

Best Leave in Conditioner!

This has become my go to leave in conditioner. From the very 1st try, I have never purchased any other leave in conditioner as this fulfils my hairs needs.

Love the consistency.

So good I've been telling everyone to get it