Solutions Finder for Body & Face



Now you can shop by the challenge you want to address. We have listed common skin troubles for body and face,  and organised the Bourn Beautiful Naturals products that were created to specifically overcome those challenges.


Dry & Itchy Skin

Chronically dry skin is one of the concerns that prompted Kadian to begin making body care solutions that catered for sensitive skin, which those with a higher degree of melanin are prone to have. Addressing dryness starts inside the shower, before applying moisturiser. The products below cleans without drying out your skin, and the moisturisers protect all day.

Mild Eczema & Fragrance Sensitivities

Whether child or adult, suffering with mild versions of skin conditions like eczema can be painful physically and mentally. We have formulated the following vegan products to eliminate common irritants like wheat, gluten, coconut oil, and artificial fragrances.

Rough Patches & Clogged Pores

Some body parts can be plagued with rough texture (e.g. elbows, knees), or oily, clogged pores (e.g. back). We have crafted solutions to help you soften and clear up those troubles without irritating or disturbing the skin's natural moisture barrier.

Skincare Solutions

Double Cleansing

Instead of using environmentally unfriendly disposable wipes, makeup can be easily removed with an oil-based cleanser that can be removed with a warm flannel. Follow up with a rose and oat-based cleanser specially formulated to be enjoyed by all skin types.

Oily or Acne-Prone Skin

Those with oily skin often have sensitive skin, which is why it is important to use products without harsh ingredients like sulphates or drying toners. When the acid mantle of skin is disturbed, the sebaceous glands overcompensate. For oily skin, this means overproducing oil. The following products reduce breakouts by keeping skin in perfect balance.

Fragrance Free

Fragrance Free products cater to sensitive skin by eliminating artificial and natural fragrances like essential oils, which sometimes contains as many irritants as their artificial counterparts. The following products have no added fragrance.