It's World Vegan Day!  What's the big deal about Vegan Products?

It's World Vegan Day! What's the big deal about Vegan Products?

What a Wonderful World

Recently we celebrated World Vegan Day. There is a lot of controversy connected to veganism.  However, at its core veganism is a lifestyle choice made by individuals that leans toward more sustainable health and environmental outcomes. Thanks to increasing popularity, there have been more vegan friendly products and goods that have emerged even within the last decade. 

The 10 Million Black Vegan Women Movement was launched in 2020 providing some eye opening information about how a vegan lifestyle can benefit Black women specifically. Generally, Black women have higher rates of diabetes and heart disease. Veganism is proven to decrease hypertension, obesity, and high cholesterol by introducing more nourishment and less toxins into the body. 

Veganism is more than what you put in your mouth

Choosing veganism does not simply correlate to dietary restrictions. The practice of selecting vegan, natural, and plant-based products can touch all areas of your life. Beauty supplies, clothing, and even cleaning products in your home can all meet a cruelty-free, vegan standard. 

The benefits of making more selective choices in terms of career, relationships, and finances can significantly influence your quality of life - so why not apply that to the products that you use on your skin and hair? Think about the harmony of melanin and keratin that your skin and hair is composed of. The natural processes that make you you are delicate and deserve the highest form of care. For all of the brands out there that prioritize efficiency and easy marketing over crafting high quality, vitality supporting products, there are a handful of vegan lines that are committed to keeping things as natural as possible.

98*% of our products are vegan, with cruelty free ingredients. entire product line is complete with vegan products made with all-natural ingredients. So the next time you make a purchase, think of whether or not that product aligns with your core values. Brands that are meant for you would not require you to compromise! We commend the international vegan community for not being swayed by what is conventional and requiring businesses to be more mindful and creative with their product development. 

Conscious consumption is absolutely the way of the future. Explore our products and see how easy it is to make the transition. We raise the bar with you in mind!

*The Bentonite Clay & Goat's Milk Mask and So Sensitive Rose Facial Moisturiser contain goat's milk powder for its powerful natural source of lactic acid. 

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