Saying Goodbye to 'Bourn Beautiful Naturals' (2017-2022)

Saying Goodbye to 'Bourn Beautiful Naturals' (2017-2022)

As 2022 comes to an end, we want to reflect on all of the progress we have made as a small, Black woman owned business. We started from humble beginnings, five years ago, and are proud of the network we have built to reach our customers. 

We started with two simple beliefs that continue to be our guiding principles:

  • Centering the needs and desires of Black women’s hair and skin
  • Building a product range based on the needs of real people

By following our belief in the importance of providing black and melanated skin and hair with all-natural nourishment, we were able to win your support and loyalty, as you come to see that the proof of our words was in the products themselves. Small retailers online and in physical locations began selling our products in the last few years. Recently, you learned that the majority of our products can now be purchased through! This was a huge win for us We are so grateful for your support over the years because it has helped make some of our dreams come true. 

But, it has also been very difficult to stay in business since 2021. Brexit, inflation, lack of investment,  rising costs of raw ingredients, fulfillment and transport have all made it difficult to stay in business.  We have done the best we can by staying true to our vision. 

But now we have made the difficult decision to say goodbye to ‘Bourn Beautiful Naturals’



Please join me on Instagram Live, Wednesday at 16:00 (4PM) GMT/ 11AM EST for more on this decision and what comes next. 


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