5th Anniversary of BBN: 5 Weird, Wacky or Wonderful Things That have happened since 2017

5th Anniversary of BBN: 5 Weird, Wacky or Wonderful Things That have happened since 2017

Hi! I'm Kadian, the founder, chief formulator and managing director of Bourn Beautiful Naturals. Did I also mention that I'm a butcher, a baker and a candle stick maker? Not really, but being an entrepreneur surely can make you learn all kinds of new skills. I've learned to do all kinds of things I never imagined, including celebrating 5 years of a successful business! This is truly amazing and I don't want to undermine that fact. 

You're reading this because I promised you a few anecdotes from the past 5 years of being in business. Read on...


1. Samuel L. Jackson may have touched my products?

Samuel L Jackson

First I attend university with his daughter, Zoe (no, we weren't friends), and now THEE Samuel L. Jackson shopped a Christmas pop-up BBN was a part of? This past December BBN took part in the Janet's List Pop-up featuring curated items from women of colour-owned British brands. It took place at the Ham Yard Hotel in London. Janet refuses to say what he actually purchased (privacy and all), but he bought plenty of things and spent significant time in the shop. Just thinking about him gifting or using one of our items thrills me. 


2. Although we're based in Birmingham, UK, our first customers came from the EU and the USA! 

Trading online from March 2017, it was not until summer that year that we were able to get samples of our products into the hands of potential British customers. Because I ran a very successful blog about the TV show, Scandal, at the time, which had a large American audience, they were the first to be introduced to the BBN brand. They had already bought into me, so they extended that to the brand and I'm grateful. Some of them are still my customers. Or course, our British customers are the overwhelming majority and have been since 2018. 


3. I once received an Instagram DM from someone begging to buy the recipe to our Coconut Cream Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.

Best of all, it opened with the casual, 'Hey, sis...'. I blinked many times when I saw it to make sure I was reading that clearly. The sheer audacity made me speechless. 

4. I started making products in tandem with my PhD studies

The mental stress and insecurity I experienced in the early years were relieved by my time in my home workshop formulating products to solve the hair and skin problems of my family and friends (as well as myself). Where the PhD was cerebral and overwhelming, formulation was creatively scientific and I could get immediate results. The PhD took 6 years (finished in 2021) to complete because I was also busy making BBN a success. This brand started as a wellness project for me and try to maintain that ethos in everything we bring you. 


5. A customer once sent US a Christmas gift!

Can you believe? I am constantly blown away by how generous and supportive our customers have been. There were many things I did not know how to do when I started this brand, but I knew that providing you with great customer service was something I could confidently deliver. Everyone isn't an entrepreneur, but everyone is a customer, so I try to put myself in your shoes as much as *possible*.


Did you know that England is the 3rd country I've lived in? Born in Jamaica (hence the scent of our birthday candle!), I moved with my family to Washington, DC when I was 7. Much later, the British love of my life would see me settle down in Birmingham. I'm happy to be here. 

Thank you all for being a part of our brand journey the last five years. We have plans to grow and bring our brand ethos and products to lots more people and countries.  

Be Well, 


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