Embracing a mindset of natural hair

Embracing a mindset of natural hair


Throw back to 2010 when I did a big chop.. I must say, It was way more than just a hair cut.


To me, my big chop represented change, resilience, authenticity and most importantly, acknowledgement and acceptance of myself. I was literally returning to my roots. 


I know a lot of women have reservations about having short hair. Especially if you grew up in the Christian church, we were taught that long hair was closer to God’s glory. And also that longer hair was more feminine and desirable. My mom put my first relaxer in when I was seven years old. That was her choice, not mine. I was excited about starting over again without chemicals because this time the choice was mine. 


Some of my less melanated friends and collegues would ask, ¨what’s so scary? It’s just a hair cut¨. This question was understandable to some but for many people with hair types like mine, it wasn’t so easy. And women who have tighter curls than mine find it even harder!  My grandmother also expressed doubts about me having short hair; she was unsure about how I would look. With this feedback, all kinds of thoughts crossed my mind such as, 

¨would I be accepted?¨

¨would I still be attractive?¨

¨will I still be seen as professional?¨

¨how do I care for my natural hair when it grows out?¨.

You see, we were never really taught how to love our natural self because of conditioning that occurred for generations. That’s why it’s scary. It’s scary admitting that you don’t fully know who you are.


On the other end of fear, though is LOVE, and when I decided to not let the fear keep hold of me, I did it! I cut away all of the dead ends and emotion baggage that no longer served me. 


Through this I found peace, communities of like-minded women,  and self- love. 

A healthy hair journey starts with a healthy relationship with yourself.


At 6PM BST on Sunday, we have Lekia, the founder of Project Embrace, giving some practical advice for self-love and confidence. I will be in conversation with her about the hard topics that are sometimes hard to broach online. 


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“It is my mission to encourage other young girls, especially black young girls gain the confidence to believe and say with conviction, “I AM ENOUGH””

— Lekia , Founder, Project Embrace


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