For 2 Years in A Row Oat Rich Lotion is named 'Best' by UK Dermatologists

For 2 Years in A Row Oat Rich Lotion is named 'Best' by UK Dermatologists


We are so very delighted that the Vanilla Spice version of our Oat Rich Aloe Vera Silk Lotion has been named the 'best scented lotion for dry skin' by The Strategist's panel of dermatologists. First garnering this title in 2021, Oat Rich Lotion has been recently crowned again in July. 

Made with finely milled oats, aloe vera juice, faire trade shea and cocoa butters, Oat Rich lotion is designed to calm and moisturise very dry, irritated skin. It is quite an achievement that the fragranced version of Oat Rich Aloe Vera Silk Lotion is being lauded. It also exists in a child-friendly fragrance-free version.

The lotion exists because when Kadian moved to the UK, she was diagnosed with eczema on her face for the first time. When she went to her GP to treat it, she was given a lotion ladened with petroleum, mineral oil and few hydrating, soothing properties.  Suffice it to say, this cream did not help her.

So, she developed her own solution. When it comes to treating irritated skin--be it eczema or extreme itchiness--oils and butters are not enough because alone they cannot hydrate the skin. Water-based such as rose hydrosols, aloe vera juice, etc. when emulsified with oils and butters lend dermis layer the elasticity and relief it needs when skin is tight and itchy. 

If you are used to using butters on your skin, as the cold weather approached h/ere's our recommendation:  try a light, but effective lotion like Oat Rich Aloe Vera Silk Lotion first and then layering on a layer of your butter.

customer showing skin changes over 3 months with oat rich lotion for eczema

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